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In our professional locksmith practice, we are often asked to provide advice on a range of different topics related to door locks and keys and their use. The following tips are on essential topics and will be of great value to everyone who wants to keep their assets secure.

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Time to replace the window latches

If you still have latches installed in the window, it's time to replace them. There is a reason why there are so many window locks on the market these days. Our specialists explain that burglars often break-in through windows, especially if they see that the locks are weak and easily broken.

Don't leave your car unlocked

People still leave their cars unlocked. They even leave the transponder key inside the vehicle and sometimes even leave the ignition car key in the engine. In other words, the only thing intruders must do is to get in the car and drive away. That's how easy you make it for them. Make sure the car is locked and your key stays with you.

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