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Use the following answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in the locksmith field to your advantage. The information is practical and easy to apply in everyday situations and in some less common ones. It is easy to read and to understand at the same time.

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What locks are best for front doors?

Deadbolts are the best solution for main entrances. There are variations among them and there are even digital ones. They are more reliable than other simpler lock types but you must still confirm their durability. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you decide and offer deadbolt installation.

What do I do if the key turns but the door doesn't lock?

If the key fits in the lock but the door locks don't lock, check if you hear a clicking sound. It might be something broken in the lock mechanism. In this case consider having the locks replaced. Make sure the key is inserted well. If the lock turns along with the key, the cylinder is loose.

What is a deadbolt with a captured key?

This type of deadbolt has a double cylinder, meaning that the door can be locked from the outside and from the inside with the use of a key. The keyhole from the interior side of the door is covered by a removable thumb turn. This lockset design enables you to escape quickly in case of an emergency - you simply have to use the thumb turn. When no one is in the house, you can remove this feature for higher security.

Is it true that a master key can unlock any door?

No, this is a common misconception. Only a lock that’s been configured to be used with a master key can be opened by it. It’s the lock cylinder that has additional pins in it that allows it to be opened with different keys, one of which will be the master key. In a large office or apartment block, planning master key access can get tricky, so it’s always advisable to get a locksmith in to help during the early stages.

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