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Lock Rekey and Property Security

10/20/2015 Back To Blog

Most people have a pretty clear idea of what lock repair and replacement are all about. But what about rekeying? Those who say that it falls somewhere between repair and replacement have a point, but there is much more to this technique. Here is a detailed overview of rekeying and when it is available as an option.

Choosing the Most Effective Lock Solution

Lock Rekey and Property SecurityThe lock cylinder has pins. When the key is inserted inside the keyway, it pushes some of these pins. This makes it possible for the key to be turned inside the lock for the purpose of locking and unlocking. Rekeying involves the changing of the cylinder pins. In this way, the insertion of the key will not push the same pins as before. As a result, it will not be possible to unlock or lock the door with the old key.

Simply put, lock rekey is all about changing the cylinder pins so that the old key cannot be used. This makes the applications of this technique pretty obvious. It is most commonly used in case of lost house key. This eliminates the possibility of an intruder using the old key to get inside the property. It is interesting to note that even the ignition of vehicles can be rekeyed. This makes the technique a truly universal solution. Some people opt for it in an attempt to make their property more secure. There will be a considerable improvement to security especially if you are not sure about who has keys for the house. Our experts in Lombard explain that this solution is not an equivalent to replacing the existing lock with a more advanced one, however. It is not suitable for lock upgrading.

There are also some limitations to rekeying which are worth noting. Some door locks are not designed to be rekeyed as the pins they have cannot be changed. When this is the case, usually the entire lockset has to be replaced. There is an exception to this rule, however. There are some locking devices which cannot be rekeyed, but their cylinder alone can be replaced. There is no need to change the entire lockset. The changing of the cylinder has the same effect as rekeying. The lock can be operated only with the replacement key and not with the original one.

There are two important conditions that a lockset has to meet in order to be rekeyed. Firstly, it must be in good shape. If it is damaged or extensively worn, replacement is preferred. Secondly, if the device is outdated, rekeying will not help to improve the security of the property. In this situation, changing the lock with a new one is the best option.

Use this information on rekeying to make the right decisions regarding your property's security.

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