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How to Prevent Lock Freezing

07/07/2015 Back To Blog

One of the main reasons why people get in car, office and house lockouts is the freezing of the lockset which they have to open. This problem occurs when the weather gets very cold in the winter. It is most common in vehicles since they do not have heating which works when they are not in use. Thankfully, this issue can be effectively avoided. Discover how to do this.

You need to clean and lubricate all exterior door locksets before the cold weather hits. The devices should operate smoothly without freezing for three months. Usually, there is no need for repeating the procedure more frequently.

How to Prevent Lock FreezingProper Testing

Insert the key into the keyhole and turn it carefully by applying a small amount of force in forward direction - If the movement is not smooth or you hear any strange sounds, you must opt for lock repair without delay. Damaged and malfunctioning devices are more likely to get frozen.

Check the condition of the entire lockset - Make sure that the screws are tight and in good condition. No components should be loose and misaligned. Again, if you discover any serious damage, you should get lock fix as soon as possible.

Cleaning, Lubrication and More

Use liquid detergent to clean the entire lockset - Dissolve a little bit of it in cool water and use soft lint-free cloth to remove dirt from the face of the locking device, the handle and the strike plate as well. Get rid of rust by using boiled white vinegar which has cooled down and remove grease by applying lemon juice. Remember to remove any traces of the cleaning solution with cloth dipped in a bit of cool water and to dry it completely using another piece of cloth. Cleaning is essential since stuck dirt increases the risk of freezing.

Apply graphite lubricant to both the lock and the key - Use only a small amount. Once you cover the key blade with a thin layer of the lubricant, insert it and turn it two or three times. Proper lubrication is the best way to reduce the risk of freezing and the need for emergency lockout opening.

Rub the lock and key with alcohol on very cold mornings and evenings - This is a simple trick for preventing freezing as well as for dealing with already frozen locks. The trick is to rub the alcohol vigorously.

Finally, if despite your efforts, you feel obstruction to the key while trying to open a door, you should have the lock checked and fixed.

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